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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend 2nd International Conference «Freight Traffic on Dnipro River» that will be held on April 21, 2017 at Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv, and hosted by www.promgruz.com Information Service.

International Conference «Freight traffic on Dnipro River» is a unique event, aiming at inviting private capital into the Ukrainian transport industry, as well as at building up the image of the country as a fast growing and cooperative partner.

Key topics of the Conference are as follows:


·         Review of existing capacities of river ports and terminals. Transshipment complex expansion and construction schemes.

·         Prospects for development of estuarine ports and raid transshipment.

·         Dredging, locks repair, navigation safety.


·         BillNo. 2475a “Oninlandwaterwaytransport” – prosandcons.

·         River infrastructure financing sources – is river charge so necessary?

·         Ukrainian pilot market demonopolization.

·         River transport managing. Ukraine’s inland waterways administration


·         Current situation on small-tonnage transportation market.

·         Overriding problems of attracting of foreign fleet.

·         Prospects for development of shipbuilding and ship repair.


·         Potential cargoes in the region of the Dnipro River.

·         Competitiveness of river transportation amid growing railroad rates and tightened dimensions & weight control of trucks.

·         Special aspects of shipping the cargoes from river terminals.

The registration formcan be filled out online

For more details about participation in the conference please contact Anastasia Matveyeva tel./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 262, mob.: +38 (067) 811 36 46, e-mail: a.matveyeva@promgruz.com