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Victor Berestenko


- Director General
+38 (050) 495 54 54

 - Work of AIFFU leading supervisory and executive bodies

 - Government Relations

 - External relations

 - HR matters

 - Managing of AIFFU Administrative Office

 - Preparation of draft letters, appeals, statements, petitions, complaints and other documents to defend the professional interests of AIFFU members in government offices

 - Protection of AIFFU members’ rights by all legal means at State Power and Government offices; courts of all levels; all kinds of international and other organizations and institutions.

 - Supports AIFFU members by providing them with consultations, explanations, tips, and direct participation in relevant activities or in communication with regulatory authorities when necessary.




Lukoshkova foto

Julia Lukoshkova

- Office manager 
+38 (044) 235 40 21


 - AIFFU membership matters (application, transfer to full membership)

 - Interacting with AIFFU members

 - Interacting with international organizations and partners

 - FIATA membership issues

 - Organising of participation AIFFU members in FIATA events, visa issues

 - Information about FIATA courses

 - Organising and conducting AIFFU Board and General Meetings

 - Organising of AIFFU participation in exhibitions and conferences

 - Office administration

 - Management and support of AIFFU Executive Administration office



Kiev, Str. Saksaganskogo,
д. 112-Б, оф. 20


+38 (044) 235 40 21, 235 58 40, 235 51 15