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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Third International Conference“Freight traffic on Dnipro River” that will be held on April 12, 2018 at Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv, and hosted by www.promgruz.com Information Service.

International Conference «Freight traffic on Dnipro River» is a unique event, aiming at inviting private capital into the Ukrainian transport industry, as well as at building up the image of the country as a fast growing and cooperative partner.

Key topics of the Conference are as follows:

Fleet and Shipbuilding:

  • The current situation on the market of small-tonnage fleet in the Azov-Black Sea basin
  • Liberalization of navigation. Pros and cons of free admission of vessels flying a foreign flag to navigating on Ukraine’s rivers
  • Simplified registration of mercantile fleet. How to make “Ukrainian flag” attractive for local and international shipowners
  • Existing capacities of Ukraine-based shipyards. Can local yards meet growing demand? The economic dimension of shipbuilding: buying newbuilders in Ukraine or abroad?


  • Construction of a new river port/terminal – Case study. What the investor needs to know
  • Transshipment complexes: existing capacities, plans for expansion, construction of new terminals
  • Safe navigation: dredging the fairway of the Dnipro River, installing the navigational and hydraulic equipment
  • Economy and security of Dnipro locks. Features of locking through barge towing arrangements


  • Growing cargo traffic along the Dnipro River as a key driver of the development of estuary ports and raid transshipment. Potential cargoes in the region of the Dnipro River
  • Reforms on the river transportation market – The “river” law: how to find a compromise?
  • International experience of effective maintenance and administration of inland waterways in application to Ukrainian realities
  • A stumbling block: financing and maintenance of inland waterways

The registration form can be filled out online

For more details about participation in the conference please contact Anastasia Matveyeva tel./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 262, mob.: +38 (067) 811 36 46, e-mail: a.matveyeva@promgruz.com