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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend 4th International Conference“Freight traffic on Dnipro River” that will be held on April 18, 2019 at Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv, and hosted by www.promgruz.com Information Service.

International Conference «Freight traffic on Dnipro River» is a unique event, aiming at inviting private capital into the Ukrainian transport industry, as well as at building up the image of the country as a fast growing and cooperative partner.

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Key topics of the Conference are as follows:

Fleet and Shipbuilding:

·               Ukrainian mercantile marine: the current state and development prospects.

·               Liberalization of the flag regime. The factors that could enhance the attractiveness of Ukrainian flag to domestic and international shipowners. Creating the International (second) registry of vessels.

·               The admission of ships flying the foreign flag to the rivers of Ukraine: will the native merchant fleet be able to compete with offshore vessels? The EU experience.

·               Current capacities of Ukrainian shipyards and their ability of meeting the growing demand.

·               Pros and cons of the use of barge-tugboats, self-propelled sea-river vessels and river ships.

·               Technical improvement: aiming at lower costs and increased turnover.

·               Financial sources for the construction of a new fleet.

Cargo Flows:

·                Present and future of cargo flows.

·                Ukraine-Belarus transit river hub: the cargo flows that carriers should expect.

·                Upward “river” trend: is the traffic volume of building materials going to grow further?

·                Agricultural products as a key factor of river logistics development.

·                River transportation of products of mining and smelting enterprises – efficiency or just diversification of logistical risks? Are the volumes going to grow further?

·                “Other cargoes”: the prospect of ramping up the flows of mineral fertilizers on the Dnipro.

·                The potential growth of river transportation of transit and imported petroleum products.

·                Container traffic by river: did railway win the battle or the war?

·                Problems and difficulties that occur during transportation of oversized cargoes on the Dnipro.


·                Existing capacities of transshipment complexes, expansion, construction plans.

·                Safety of navigation: dredging of the Dnipro and Pripyat.

·                Dnipro floodgates as the bottleneck of river logistics.

·                Navigation equipment: bringing the Rules of navigation on the inland waterways of Ukraine in compliance with the norms and standards of the European Union.

·                Brisker freight traffic on the Dnipro as a driver of estuary ports and raid transshipment. Is the infrastructure ready for increased volumes?

·                Reform of river transportation market – will the long-suffering “river” law be finally adopted?

·                Models of efficient management, financing and maintenance of inland waterways. International experience in the mirror of Ukrainian realities.

·                The need of creating a unified statistics database covering information on cargoes.

The registration form can be filled out online

For more details about participation in the conference please contact Anastasia Matveyeva tel./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 262, mob.: +38 (067) 811 36 46, e-mail: a.matveyeva@promgruz.com